Monday, August 08, 2011

Circus of the Spineless #64 is up!

I have the latest Circus of the Spineless up at my new Scientific American blog, EvoEcoLab.

Next month, the Circus travels to the Cephalopodiatrist to get that embarrassing head-foot problem looked at. Send your submission to me to pass on to Danna! The gmail knows me as kzelnio.


JSK said...

Hi Kevin. Great edition.
I'm not sure the link to EvoEcoLab is working. I 'googled' it and got over there but... Could you check please?

Kevin Zelnio said...

Thanks! The link is working for me. There might have been a server hiccup around the time your were clicking.

Yann said...

Hello, could you give your email in your post, i'd like to submit my blog on water mites to Danna.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Kzelnio at gmail dot com