Monday, May 28, 2007

Circus #21 needs your work!

Hey Folks,

Explanations and call for submission.

First, get your submissions for Circus of the Spineless to Mike Bergin at 10,000 Birds. He's our May host and he's raring to go on this next edition.

Second, Mike let me know middle of last week that something was amiss with COTS20. Only i didn't catch on to what was going on. Any glance at my blog will clue people in to my having been gone, gone, gone for the last 8 weeks or so, and blogging has been unaccomplishable, as has email, for those who've written. Anyway, something's haywire at milkriverblog (maybe at Blogger?) and my blog is a mess, with posts and graphics disappearing, or onlye showing up as bars. i've been working on it, but so far, no luck. Anyway, issue 20, which was all graphic, will be up again as soon as i can figure out why it's not accepting it, or maybe a text version until i do. So sorry for the delay in getting your stuff out to the world. P.s., when you send stuff to Mike, don't duplicate material you already sent me!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A little more delay

Sorry folks,

I was off leading field trips all weekend, and when i returned the interent was down, and has returned only intermittently. So i'm spending the day downloading submissions and will try to post tonight. Sorry for the delay.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Circus of the Spineless #20 Slight Delay

Our scheduled host for this month had a family death this week, and i'll be taking over. We'd like to wish Roger a peaceful week as he deals with his loss.

There was further delay because i've been leading field trips for the last five days, and have three more on the immediate horizon. So i'm asking for submissions to flow in for the next four days and i'll put #20 together this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

Submissions can be sent to me at hurricanetg(at) by Friday. The Circus will appear Sunday evening, May 6th at milkriverblog --

Thanks for your patience!

tony g