Thursday, December 07, 2006

Circus #15 is UP and it's wonderful!

The 15th edition of the Circus of the Spineless has been posted at Words & Pictures. Many, many thanks to Roger Butterfield, who not only stepped up at the last minute to host this edition, but produced an elegant and beautiful post from the 15 contributors. Be sure to visit at: and then drop Roger a kudo in comments or send him a note of thanks for his time and effort.

Meanwhile Paul Decelles is already booking space for the 16th edition at The Force That Through . . . Check out his call for entries here:

A secondary result of our dilemma was that we had another couple of folks volunteer to host future editions. So, after December you can look forward to volumes hosted at:
#17 The Voltage Gate
#18 Pharyngula
and #19 Burning Silo

Thanks again, very much, to Roger for this edition, and to all our future hosts. If you’d like to be a future host (April and beyond) please let me know.