Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spineless #28 looking for submissions now!

Hey Folks, because Chris has an early deadline, AND we'd like him to enjoy some holiday time too, the submission date for the December issue of Circus of the Spinless is December 22nd -- that's Saturday. Please send him your nominations for your favorite invert posts by then. He expects to post on December 27th.

#28 will be at Catalogue of Organisms

send your submission to gerarus(at)

#29 will be at Andrea’s Buzzing About:

send your submissions by January 30, 2008 to araychandler(at)

#30 will be at A D.C. Birding Blog

send your submissions by February 27, 2008 to empidonax(at)

#31 will be at Archaea to Zeaxanthol

send your submissions by March 30, 2008 to jim.lemire(at)

And of course, we’re looking for hosts for April and beyond!

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